About Us

Welcome to Proscan

Pro-Scan is a team of experienced and qualified engineers whose main area of activity is widely understood as 3D laser scanning. Our head office is located near Poznań – Tarnowo Podgórne, so we are within reach when it comes to the largest cities in Poland, ranging from Szczecin, Wroclaw and even Warsaw.

We can also conduct laser scanning measurements in Germany – at the Client’s request. We can travel to Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg, Hannover or Rostock. We provide our business partners with professional 3D scanning services together with all of the necessary documentation.

We are open to new challenges, we are a team of persistent engineers who are ready to put in the necessary effort to achieve goals and fulfil the requirements of our customers. We believe that using the latest technologies in 3D modeling in geodesy is not a future solution, but a Solution which is easily available for us now. To take a glance at our latest projects click here. In case of any enquires or questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

At Pro-Scan we have experience in reverse engineering, which is aimed at carrying out processes in the creation of advanced 3D building models. Our commitment, appropriate education and technical knowledge and expertise allow us to professionally perform the tasks entrusted to us in the field of geodesy services. One of our main objectives is to develop and expand the range of the services we offer. Due to our professional approach we are able to carry out projects such as the inventory of technological lines or point cloud modelling.